Homework Pros and Cons


This debate doesn’t show any signs of abating. Lots of kids and their parents hate homework. Others think it is necessary.

Homework allows for practice and application of material recently learned. It is intended to bring understanding. In real life, this is hardly ever the case.

Some teachers give creative leeway to students, which often make it less onerous and can still lead to understanding.  Posters, worksheets, debates, power point presentations, and group projects seem to appeal to students.

Kids need time for leisure and to pursue their interests. I don’t think students should have homework on weekends and holidays. (They may have self-imposed unfinished projects that will have to be done then because of poor time management.)Too much homework makes this impossible.

Some suggest homework should start slowly (in terms of time) with 10 minutes for first graders, 20 minutes for second graders, etc. Using this formula, a high school graduate would have had 2 hours per day homework, which is a good pace for beginning college.

Though homeschoolers don’t deal with homework, they still have reading assignments and projects to fuel understanding of concepts and ideas. It can be so much more flexible though, than in a school.

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One thought on “Homework Pros and Cons

  1. Good one, Kim. Lots of “food for thought” with this post & the links. Tried to leave a comment on the website, but it wasn’t working (sure it’s me). Hugs!

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